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I teach kindergarten students and need the ability to give them easy access to videos I've prepared.  I usually do this by creating a QR code for them to scan, but for this to work I need the ability to create a link that is "anyone with link can view".  Please allow external guests to view video.  We are looking for a way to compile vidoe resources to share accross our district but we need the ability to give our youngest learners and thier families easy access...Is this coming soon?

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@mbowgren Since we are halfway through Q3 I'm expecting MS to push it to 2025 because basic functionality seems really hard.

Cleanup in aisle 9: giant sarcasm puddle.

@joemccla  Appreciate any updates you might be able to provide





I think sharing recorded sessions in Teams is a must, waiting for this feature a lot. Right now what we do, we download the video and add it to onedrive and then share.. But the security and ownership of content is compromised that way.. but as this is the only way now..

@joemccla any information on ETA?

@akiwi looks like Q2 CY2020


New ETA: Q2/2020


Continuous delays.

With this feature, I hope also Will be available to share with AAD accounts outside my organization .... not just "public for everyone" embedable...

@Audrius Martinkus  Thank you!  This worked for me!

Microsoft, please add ability to provide Guest Users of a Team Channel to access recorded video. This will provide a security balance of providing a link that anyone can access, or one the Team can view.


Thank you 

Roadmap is now Q4 2020... it apparently takes 2 years to remove security on a video so the world can view it.



@Jake Burgy 

People at YouTube must be wizards since they've been able to do it since 2005....

@Chad WestMy guess is that they do not have anyone on this feature while they try to figure out how to attach a license fee to Streams.

@Jake Burgy, I think you are right it must take over 2 years to remove the security on the video so the world can see it.  Highly disappointed that the feature isn't here yet.

You could make public facing SharePoint sites, but it was discontinued as a feature in 2015 because it wasn't used by many. SharePoint for websites was not great, so IMHO you're not missing out on much.

@Chad West I'm actually a little surprised they're doing this at all. I can't imagine they want Stream to be anything like YouTube - hosting videos that hundreds of thousands or millions of people might play. Stream seems like it is for collaboration work primarily for recorded meetings and trainings internally. There are so many other services for video hosting externally. Is it possible that the primary reason people want external sharing so badly is because they believe it would be free without ads? Or do people like Stream's face and text search features so much that's why they want to use it for public videos instead of another service. I don't get the appeal of embedding these videos in public sites since any public site would be hosted elsewhere and be perfectly capable of hosting a video file on its own.

@mbowgren Speaking from an academic institution, we want our students to be able to share their videos externally with specific other audiences, in a secured space, for authentic publishing and feedback.

@mbowgren, we'd like to share these videos to specific audiences who aren't a part of our tenant maybe as part of a form, or just send them a link and it keeps the videos within our organization where if we posted to YouTube then it is outside of our control.

@mbowgren, you are missing the point. As part of the O365 suite, Stream should be able to share externally with specific people - just like all the other O365 services. My company would like to share videos with our non-employee distributor partners.


A generic guest link would give the experience of YouTube, but those are generally frowned-upon in the enterprise, and are typically disabled.


@Jeff Lamb - Got it, so you're just looking for a private sharing link and not permissioned access for external users? That's not the impression I got from others, but that makes more sense from a feasability perspective.

@mbowgren That is all we are looking for, too.  We just need to be able to embed or link in university courses, not to share specifically with a specific, individual external account.