Extend Permissions for a Presentation Recorded by a User No Longer Available in the Organization

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I was part of a Team meeting demo, which was recorded by someone in the meeting.  That person who recorded the presentation is no longer part of the organization.  I still have access to the recording, and can view it fine.  I have another employee in the organization who needs to see this demo.  But, as I'm not the person who recorded the video, I don't seem to have access to change the permissions, and grant her access.  The person who recorded the video is no longer part of the organization.  Is there any way to get access for me to grant permission to this additional user?

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I'm adding to this thread because I am wanting to see if there's a way to preemptively avoid such a situation. Before I host a ton of important video content, I want to ensure it wouldn't be lost if I were no longer part of the organization.


Is there a way, for example, to create co-ownership of videos and/or channels?