Expected result when turning off Stream Classic - black screen message?

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I've turned off Stream Classic on our DEV environment and it doesn't look nice.


- Admin: set disabling Stream Classic for Oct 15th, 2023


When accessing the Stream app with a regular account, I see the message on top right " Welcome to Stream (on SharePoint). Use Stream search to find videos that you own (including videos migrated from Stream Classic)" :



Clicking on the link " Stream Classic" flash 1second to the Stream Classic then it brings me to the following black message:




Question 1: Is this what we expected to happen on PROD (top left msg and black screen message) when we turn off Stream Classic?


Question 2: As of today October 19th, going to the Admin settings, I can still postpone/change the turn off date of Stream Classic although it showing on the little "i" once turn off we cannot turn it back on, is it a glitch? Is this what going to happen on PROD?



Thank you! 


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