Error uploading recorded videos

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Hi, I am a teacher using Microsoft Stream to record video lessons (my screen/voice) to upload to Teams.


I had been using it fine for the last 3 weeks but since Friday, I have started getting an error message when uploading - see attached. This occurs when I click on 'upload to Stream.' It prepares up to 75% and then says 'Preparing failed. Something went wrong preparing your video. You can try again or download the original version.' 


I seem to be able to upload short videos (e.g. up to 2 minutes) but I was previously able to record and upload videos up to the limit of 15 mins.


I really need this to work in order to facilitate remote learning so would be very grateful for any advice or suggestions for how to fix this. 


Many thanks! Jessica

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@Jessica90 did it resolve yet? How big or lengthy was the reocreded video? Sometimes if therre is a huge recording with many moving parts in the meeting video, the size of the video grows bigger and it can break. i too faced it once but was able to upload it in the next attempt

Thanks for your reply - unfortunately it hasn't resolved. It's been like this consistently since Friday despite repeated attempts! Even after a 4 minute video it won't upload :( there isn't that much movement it's basically just me sharing a slide show and talking over it... so frustrating! 



I got this same issue and a simple logout of O365 from the Stream page and log back in fixed it