Error loading embedded player on chrome/chromium when language not set or recognized

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Good afternoon,

Recently we've been having issues with embedded videos in chrome and chromium, where the player won't finish loading and the spinner stays there forever.

We found some 404 errors in devtools, and compared the URLs with ones in another computer where the videos worked fine, and noted that on the computer where loading fails there's a part where the language should be specified and instead it has "null", and the one where it worked said "en".
We removed the default language (which was some kind of english but unfortunately can't remember which one) and added English (United States) and set it as default, closed and reloaded the browser and now everything works fine (Now we can't reproduce the error anymore.)

Thank you very much in advance

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@lfstange : could you please let me know what exact changes you did to resolve this issue? Was it resolved for both Chrome and IE browsers?