Entire Video Not Uploaded

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I put together a channel with 5 videos in it, but for some reason the longest video (about 50 mins) was cut to just over 16 mins. The channel contains other videos from 12-15 minutes and one video that is about 25 minutes. I can't find anything in the documentation that speaks to this, so I was hoping that another user could provide some insight.

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We don’t have a limit on size or length of the video. It’s possible that the video only partially uploaded or encountered some error and that’s why it only partially plays. I would try to upload it again and or check playing it locally to make sure the file itself isn’t corrupted.

i was filming somthing for my school project, but after it was done, i didnt uploaded the video but i saved it as an concept, and now i cant find it anymore? where could it be or is it deleted? @Marc Mroz