Embedding Stream video description/comments in SharePoint

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Hi all!


Was trying to figure out if it's possible to embed the video description and/or comments in SharePoint. I have training videos and I am creating timestamps within Stream so that people can click to the relevant sections that I can put within the video details or the comments and they link back to the video.


I have already embedded these videos on SharePoint but the details and/or comments don't carry across. Is there any way of doing this? Or another way of making it so the active timestamps link to the video in SharePoint? I can just list the timestamps as text but it isn't as good!


Thanks :)

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I have the same question. Can someone from @Pernille-Eskebo please reply?

All I could think was to recreate the table of contents on the page and set the hyperlink to the location in the video manually, but that is time consuming.