Download-delete dilemma in Stream

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I'm trying to figure out if there is a way to enable users to download videos, and keep the videos secure in Stream at the same time?


In this Stream setup, all users should have the ability to download videos from Stream, which is why all users will have to be owners of the videos. Unfortunately, this also enables all users to delete the videos. Is there a way to secure the videos or will we have to keep a backup of the videos elsewhere?



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AFAIK, Stream does not provide a way to secure videos so you will be forced to keep a copy of your videos to prevent your users can delete them cc @Marc Mroz 

Hi Juan


Thanks for your reply.


I will continue hoping for a download button and restore options in Stream :)

You are right we only support download by the owner of the video, but if you are an owner you can also download the video.


We are working on a mobile app for hopefully later this year. One of the main key features for the mobile app in v1 will be for offline secure playback of the videos. A viewer will be able to make a video for offline playback, it downloads to your device, and is secured in the app. A viewer will only be able to play that video offline for 7 days before needing to re-connect to the internet to check your permissions. 


So I think offline through the mobile app might help your use case? Does it? 


If not you can add votes on the ideas forum for full download by viewers: