Don't Advertise OfficeMix is now "becoming part of" Stream when it really isn't

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My faculty have spend thousands of hours creating interactive PowerPoints using OfficeMix. We were told OfficeMix will now become part of Stream. Therefore, the institution spends $$$$ thousands of dollars to upgrade to the specific Office365 version needed. 

Then only to find out, the Stream integration with PowerPoint really isn't anything like the flexible, interactive OfficeMix program. 

Shame on you Microsoft!



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Hi Lisa,


Sorry that you haven't found the support in Microsoft Stream moving from Office Mix. You are absolutely right in recognizing the missing feature gaps today. Our team is investigating and working on filling some of these gaps. We would love to engage with you and understand where we might be able to help with this transition.


If you would be willing we can setup sometime and talk about some of your organizations pain points and understand more about your usage of Office Mix so that as we build some of these features we keep your requirements in mind.



Amit Mohindra


I 100% agree with you. As a University Professor, I just learned how to use Office Mix last year and created an entire course of PowerPoints and the students really thought it was beneficial. NOW, Stream is really more like YouTube. It doesn't have the ease of Office Mix. 

Not happy and looking for better alternatives. 

L. Williams

Temple University

2 huge gaps: 1. recording tabs huge file size (2gb for a 2 hour lecture) relative to office mix; 2 lack of interactivity