Does stream replicate across regions?

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We are a global company based in US (East US Azure Region) and currently have performance issues with O365 Video when viewing from Asia Pac\EMEA.  Since stream is Azure based, if we post video to Stream in US will the video be replicated to other Azure regions globally or will all users still connect to the region the video was originally uploaded to? 

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Today all users will be playing videos from the home region. So someone outside of the US would be connecting back to US to view the vidoe and load the Stream pages.


However... we are going to be looking at adding CDN support to Stream. Where if a video gets played often from further places we'd automatically float that video (encrypted and secured) to Azure CDN. That way users outside of the US would connect to CDN POP location to watch the video.


If you are intersted in us adding CDN support to Stream can you add an idea on the idea forum for others to comment and vote on:

Is there any news on Azure CDN support for Stream?