Disrupted upload

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I had to restart my laptop whilst three videos were being uploaded to Stream. I'd used the "record screen" option from Stream so don't have the videos saved anywhere as an .mp4 etc.


I am getting this message when I click on the videos:


Your upload is taking longer than average
Larger video files or lower-speed networks can affect upload times. Or, your upload may have been interrupted.
Client Session ID 77aa11ba-2cf5-4b9c-9b2c-7c12f79b5fd0
I am not getting any % upload information.
Is this just a slow process or is there a danger I have lost these recordings? Or will they be "somewhere" and are just waiting to be uploaded to my organisation's Stream?
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@jonosmithHi any luck with the retrieval??? I am in a similar situation of my video. Any followup or pointers that you tried and worked would be highly appreciated. Thanks