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Hi everyone,


is there a way how to disable remove from channel option for users? Even if we tried to resctrict other users from uploading videos and creating channel, they still could remove a video from channel.


It is really an issue for us because users can totally disrupt the structure (videos in channels) when removing them from channel.


Many thanks in advance!



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Are these "companywide" channels or channels within a group?


For companywide channels we do not have any control on who can add/remove videos from them. These are more open/community driven collections where you trust everyone in your organization to add/remove videos from them.


For channels within a group the group owners can control if members of the group can contribute/edit things in the group or not. There is a setting on the group in Stream that determines if members are viewers or contributors. If they are viewers only, then they can view videos and not add/remove videos from channels within the group. If members are contributors they can add/remove videos from the channels, modify channels, etc. 


In 2018 we are likely going to move away from the "companywide" channels and make all channels be part of a group so that you can control the content and channels more.

Hi Marc,

is there a way to disable the ability for members to delete the videos that other members have uploaded? Even with the permissions changed to "display" for the group and channel (as attached), members are still able to remove videos from the channel. This is a huge issue.


Thank you,