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We are using Microsoft Stream in our online learning application and are wondering whether it is possible to detect when an embedded video have been watched to the end with some Java script.


You Tube is able to do it, here is an example:

Is it possible to do the same with Microsoft Stream videos?




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We do not have this capability built into Stream's embeded player at this current time, sorry.

However we are looking at starting a project in the coming months to build out "Player APIs" for the Stream embed player. 


Do you have a list of actions/events/things you wished you could do with player apis on the Stream player?

Hi Marc


Thanks for answering :)


We would very much like a solution where it is possible to detect (via JavaScript), when users hit the play button to start the video and a way to detect when the video has finished.


Can I follow the progress on this Player API project? It sounds very interesting!

@Henrik T. Aabom Hello, everyone


Still wondering if has any progress here. I looking for a way to detect when video ends to implement in my LMS.



@pradella - We never actually did the project to create player APIs for Stream videos. Please add your votes and comments to this idea in our Ideas forum. We'd love to see the need for this across all customers: Video player API and JavaScript events to be able to monitor and control the player from outside - M...