Deleting a Stream video that exists in two channels - what happens when it is deleted from one only

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The user has the same video showing in two channels. If they delete it in one channel - will it deleted in the 2nd or all channels? There is no Microsoft online documentation about deleting a video (only restoring). It has never been clear where a video is 'physically' stored, other than just in 'Stream'. 

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If you delete a video it's just that, deleted and thus it can't show up in any groups or channels. If you just changed the permissions on the video so it's not permisioned to one of the channels but still the other, then it will still show on the second channel.

@Marc Mroz Many thanks for the prompt reply. Can you direct me to online support content from Microsoft as this is an important action that could cause issues to the business. Thanks


@MCHMottMac - I'm not quite sure what kind of help article we have would explain this. 


This article talks about how permissions work in Stream:


This article talks about how deleted videos go to a 30 day recycle bin:


@Marc Mroz Thanks - that's my point. MS seems to assume that an organisation would not delete a video, as there isn't a support page on what happens when a video is deleted. It's deleted from all channels. My user thought by deleting it from a channel it stays in another. So far I have not been able to find any support document that clearly explains where a video is stored for the user. Only that it is 'shared'. Can't wait for New Stream.