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- collaborator/teacher - can make channels and upload videos

- Student - can't upload and make channels.

As student you can see the channels. In a channel (public) you can see the stats, uploader, publish date, actions. In "actions", a student can remove the video from the channel. This results in a missing video in the original list. Is this a known "problem" Or are my settings not oke.Stream-student.png

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I believe the channel you are showing is a "Companywide" channel. Companywide channels are intended to be open to the entire organization where anyone can add/remove videos from them. They are more like a community driven tag.


The group concept in Stream which is tied to O365 Groups (same as used for Teams, SharePoint Online team sites, planner, etc), are the way you would create areas in Stream where you can control who can add/remove videos from that area.


In a group you can control if members of the group are contributors or viewers. If the members are viewers only, then only the owners of the group will be able to add/remove videos, add/remove channels, and put videos into channels within the group.


Here is more information from our help docs:

@Marc Mroz Thanks for your answer. The point is indeed that the channel Companywide is and everybody can see this. But as in YouTube,  I can make a playlist, but you can't remove the videos from it. My/ our interpretation of a channel is the same as YT. I think a channel must be personal and not editable. The community driven part can then be kept as is, you can make you own channel from all of the videos in Stream.


@Rob Kalis - Channels in Stream aren't personal in any way, they are not tied to or owned by a single person. 


We have 2 kinds of channels today, companywide channels which are open for anyone to add/remove videos from, and channels within a group which you can control at the group level who can add/remove content. 


For your purposes you should be using a group in Stream and turning the group setting "Allow members to contribute" to off, which will mean that only owners of the group can add/remove videos.


The closet we have to a personal list of videos is when you look up a person or click on their name in Stream. This pulls up a list of the video that a specific user uploaded, that the viewer has access to see. These videos could be in other groups or individual videos.


To see this...

Browse > People > Search for a persons name > Click on the person 

Personal List of Videos.png



This could be another option for you, you could send people to your personal video list of videos you uploaded.