Default Video Quality / Bitrate

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Is there a way to set a minimum video quality/bitrate? Has anyone found a work around to skip directly to the higher bit rate stream? 


We are creating screen cast and these are not viewable at the poor bitrate the video starts with. 


Is there any URL parameter we can use when sharing a video to skip to a higher bitrate? 

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I second this, for the same use case. I'd like to walk our users through our SharePoint and Power BI workspaces, and the Auto quality rendering is way too low on my PC in full screen at 1980*1200 on a 400Mbps connection. When you're screencasting tutorials showing applications or websites, text and icons need to be as crisp as the real thing.

We don't have a way to accomplish this sorry. You can add your votes / ideas on this in the ideas forum:


Our player is always balancing how quickly the player starts vs how high a quality of stream it picks to start with, there isn't a way to force a specific bitrate via setting or query string.

Shall be voting for this. I also distribute screencasts. We have very fast internet at our office but videos always start blurry and inevitably a number of people will turn off rather than waiting for quality to improve. Better to wait and buffer!!