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I need to build a list of all videos shared Companywide. I have tried to look in the O365 Audit Log but I’m not finding any useful help here.

In the “StreamEditVideoPermissions” event in the Audit Log I see the attribute “AllowEveryoneInOrganization\"":false}” in the auditdata. I would then have expected to find a True value for videos shared companywide, but I don’t.

Can anyone point me to what to look for in the Audit Log, or in any other (maybe even smarter) direction?

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@Thomas Friis Poulsen Did you get anywhere with this?  I am about to log a ticket for the same issue...



@alexpooley No. :(

Have logged something so will update here. If someone accidentally shares something they shouldn't have with an entire org it would be useful to know how/when it happened!

@Thomas Friis Poulsen The outcome from PS is that there is no log event which identifies a user enabling or disabling the share company wide permission.  A log event with an operation of "StreamInvokeVideoSetLink" is logged, but does not contain the detail.


We're taking this forward with our TAM as it feels like a big hole.  Videos can have multiple owners and as it is today you would struggle to evidence which of those owners made the video public.

@alexpooley I'd really appreciate knowing if there's an update on this as we are up against the same problem. And yes, it does seem a pretty big hole akin to "who left the keys in the door?"