Close Captions not Updated From Edited Transcripts

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I'm uploading videos to Stream and making some edits to the Transcript (in the panel that displays next to the video).


It was my understanding that this would both help train the voice recognition re our course jargon as well as update the close captioning with the new text.


The captions don't appear to update.  Any help appreciated.

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Hi @vinarcmi,

As outlined in the documentation, there is 2 methods to achieve this

1.) Edit it in the transcript window (which you are doing)

2.) Download the caption file and re-upload it

Did you try both methods? This article also gives you a step by step of editing the transcript.

Did you go through each section, edit and then save (green button) every time you edited a section? If you did, then caption files usually take a few hours to propagate so I would say to wait a day and see if the changes stick

If not, I would raise a ticket to Microsoft as it could be a bug with editing transcripts.

Hope that answers your question!

Best, Chris

@Christopher HoardI was editing them in the transcript window (saving/check mark) and the captions weren't updating.

I expected that to be instantaneous (or at least within a few moments).  I checked one from yesterday and it did update.

Sorry about the false alarm!

I'm also having this issue - spent time doing the painful and clunky process of editing the transcript line by line in that buggy interface, so the transcript is fine but the closed captions are unchanged.