Changing ownership/adding owner for multiple videos?

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In my team we have created and uploaded 150+ videos and each time we always have assigned our Office 365 Group ownership of the videos to make sure that we all have access to the videos, in case something needs to be changed/removed if someone quits etc, to make sure that we all have access to them.


Now, we will be making changes for our team with that we are going to work using a different Office 365 Group. Is it possible to re-assign ownership of all the videos in the existing Office 365 Group? Or in some way mark multiple videos at once and add another O365 Group as owner? It would be extremely time consuming having to go into each video and re-assign ownership for each individual video!

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@sokva Thank you for your question. At this time, there is not a capability to bulk change permissions and edits for videos. I encourage you to add your comment and up-vote to this thread from the Microsoft Stream UserVoice forum on a related topic. Thank you!