Change Published Date in Stream

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Is it possible to change to update/change/modify the published date of a video in Stream? or sort them by name (descending). The idea is 'old' videos, which are recently published, appear in the right order in a channel. 
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No we don't have this ability in Stream (Classic)

@Marc Mroz 


thanks for the response, what about in Stream (sharepoint)?. 

No we don't have a changeable date that shows on the video player page in SharePoint either. You can make your own custom Metadata but that is just in the document library.

Any other people think we need a changeable date like "display date" directly on a video? We'd show that on the player page instead of the upload date if you set it.

Someone want to add it in ideas and add your votes?

I am looking for the same option. At least if we can sort by updated date will be a nice feature.