Cant upload files, files dont work, cant contact customer service?

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whenver i try to watch a video , it wont let me watch it, and says there is a problem, when nothing is wrong with the file. plus, when i try to upload something from my ipad, it says that the video is taking longer than usual, and fails to upload. when i try to contact customer support, this comes up.:


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Adding @Marc the way: are you experiencing these problems when accessing to the video from a browser in a PC?

I cant even upload the supported file types.

Yes. Mobile devices too.

We'll look at this. If you can share one of your sessionID with us that'd help us. You can go to "?" in the header and click on "About Microsoft Stream". There is a session ID there. cc: 

and whe you click on that link, it says that there is something wrong with the video

Yes. and mobile phones and tablets wont work too!

My current session id is 59ee4338-9070-4c91-9e36-f1212d9a4f48

Also, the azure media player is not working because of (Error code 0x20400003) how do i fix this?

@Ava 970 Farrugia - I'll send you a private message and we can get more information from you to investigate what's going on.