Cannot view embedded stream video full screen

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I've embedded a stream video in a class notebook in ms teams.  I cannot maximize that video (by clicking on the double arrow below right). I've tried Chrome, firefox and IE.  Clicking on the double arrow just doesn't do anything. What can be wrong here?


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May I ask why not embedding the video in the stream tab?

The onenote classbook contains learning material for my students. It’s a combination of texts and embedded video’s. I don’t want them to leave the page to watch the video in fullscreen.

Are you viewing the OneNote notebook inside of Teams? Is it the teams client or on the web? Or are you loading the notebook directly in a browser? 


I just tested with my onenote notebook in the browser (not inside teams) and was able to go full screen correctly on Edge, Chrome, FF, and IE.

Yes, I'm using the class notebook within Teams within my browser. Here's a short video with the problem (s): Opening the page seperate in Notebook instead of just staying in the browser would just be extra clicks for my students. I want them to be able to maximize with just 1 click within their browser. When I put the video on YouTube instead of stream and then embed it, it works fine! So if MS doesn't have a solution to this I'm gonna have to transfer all my video's to YouTube...

@R. Jong 


2 years later I have the exact same situation; lessons made in OneNote with mixed media including stream videos (due to lack of access to Youtube for students) but cannot fullscreen the videos uploaded to Stream and then inserted through OneNote for Windows 10.  Can't find a reasonable reason why anywhere!

@Marc Mroz Are you sure?

Because even if it's been a long time since people asked this question, I've tried right now with the latest stable Edge build and still have the issue pointed out by the OP.




Exactly the same behaviour on OneNote Desktop 2006.


This is so disappointing.

Had been waiting for my company to adopt Office365 for ages, and this one of the cool things I was hoping being able to do with OneNote, but without full-screen support the whole thing is pretty useless for my use-cases.

@R. Jong I guess this comes way too late for you, but I have opened a couple of feedback items on the OneNote user-voice. It seems that is the less used of all Office user-voices, so maybe Microsoft ain't doing much over there, but I'd guess that it won't harm voting if you want the feature: