Cannot see Test Add in Converted as part of Stream Video

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Created a test (multiple choice quiz) using add-in in Microsoft Office Mix.  Worked fine in Mix.  Migrated to Stream.  Now the add-in does not work.


Only see to pentagons one small and one large in middle of white screen.  When I click, the red arrow appears. 


Here is the error that is on the console: Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 ()


Here is the version info: 

Microsoft Stream

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Version 1.0.995.2

Session ID f9899b31-a06b-4024-9ecb-b77733babb32

Your data is stored in East US


Please assist me in resolving this.  Thanks. 

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I'm sorry but Stream does not support the add-ins or quizzes that Office Mix supported. Stream only works for the slides/video portion in an Office Mix. 


Stream is not yet a full replacement for Office Mix. Stream just works with videos today.


We are working over the next several quarters to attempt to bring some of the cool features in Office Mix to Stream but we are still working out the plans of what and how it will be done.