Cannot reliably search Videos in Stream Search.

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Only if you type the title of the video completely and in full are you able to search for the video, and only that 1 video.

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Sorry to hear you are having troubles.  Adding @Adarsh Solanki to help investigate

HI @Nick Duxfield


Can you provide some more information?  Are there are videos with similar name that you expect to appear in the search results?

Apologies I have no information except.

I was moving from Office365 video and began migrating class videos to MS Stream.

Its been a few months that items have been on MS Stream in 2 channels.

Its simply can't be found by search using the search box.

You will only be able to get 1 single result by typing the full name of the item exactly.


See this example in 3 screenshots.

Entire courses will start with UAM...













If you put the words you want to search for in the description field, you can search by those words. But only if you enter the complete word in the search box. For example, if you have the word "video12" in the description field, and you enter only "video1" in the search box, it won't find the video. So the user must know the exact and complete word to search for. It's a poor work around though, and labor intensive. When uploading multiple videos, each video must be edited individually in order to have even a marginally useful search function.


We first tried copying and pasting the file name into the description field, but that didn't work. The file names had underscores instead of spaces, so I replace them with spaces. Now we can search for individual words from the file name, but still only if the complete word is used in the search.


The "Sort By" feature is also effectively useless because none of the criteria will help a user find a specific video. Some important criteria that need to be added include sorting by file name and file creation date ("Posted" date isn't useful when you're looking for a recording based on when the event itself happened.) 


Ideally, channel owners should have the ability to provide customized search and sorting tools based on what their users/customers need. For us, at least, this isn't social media, it's an enterprise resource tool. What's "trending" or how many "likes" aren't relevant to 

It appears that microsoft stream video contant wont be included in the managed metadata service, or is not included in the crawl for search. The file type of Microsoft Video was Cloud_Video. I found I could add all kinds of metadata columns to the content type and it was then searchable in every way. Up until that time, I had the same issues I now have with Microsoft stream. Its not searchable even by filename. Whether part word  or otherwise..

I think, when they cut over Microsoft Video into Microsoft Stream this will come together. I think I'll need to dive into the documentation some stage.


Really sorry to hear about the difficulty you are experiencing with our search indexing.  We hope to investigate and work to enable prefix search and other improvements to refine your experience.

Is this still open, I don't see any feedback since November.


I'm guessing it is still open because my experience with search in stream has been terrible. Searching using an exact title does not yield results including videos with that title/name. Sort is completely useless- if you can't find something using search it would at least be helpful to be able to sort by name, or an attribute you might actually search on. You don't search on relevance, date uploaded, views, or likes.. yet you can sort on them.

Any updates or news? The search in stream doesn't work fine… :(

Nine months since the last unhelpful reply by Microsoft, where they expressed their "hope" that they could provide a useable search function. Clearly we are too impatient.

I've only come back to this thread because I had a notification that there was a reply in the hope that I would get an update. No far, nothing. I wonder what people who purchased the Stream licenses are experiencing?

Actually, just went back and tried the search in hope, apologies I gave up long ago. BUT IT ACTUALLY WORKS!

My Stream-Search can't found pieces of words… When i search for "client" or "client*", i become no results. Only for searching the exact term "clientprojects" results were found.

As David points out, try searching for partial words. That's the core problem that I and others are having, you have to know the exact word to search for and it's very picky about syntax. If you need to find "roberto" but you only type "robert", no luck.

when is the full text search coming?

Thanks everyone for their patience and hanging with us on Stream.


Here is an update on where we are at right now with respect to search.


We've been making iterative small fixes to the existing search capabilities in Stream over the last many months. As you noted above we now do a slightly better job on finding things by title and full word searches. We believe these fixes are helping improve the search experience from what we've been able to test and see in our own use of it.


In parallel to that we have a team of folks investigating how we do a big leap forward on the search experience and results. They are investigating how we can hook Stream into another search index/system that powers enterprise search on a bunch of apps in O365 (SP, bing for work, outlook, etc). This is a fairly big project across teams, and as such as been slow going. But we are still working on it and have developers actively investigating, doing proof of concepts, and narrowing down to a solution we can build out. 


@ArchanaN is the PM on our team who owns the search area for Stream and can answer further questions going forward.

It's been 2 years and looks like it's still not fixed. Not sure whats going on with this simple fix.
Actually my bad, 3 years.
Is this product EOL and no updates are being made?
Hello. I few more months and still not fixed.
I found out that you can search if you are in the group that has the video. I work with videos for school and one of my colleagues upload files too. I can see his files if I am in the same group that he posted the video. But older videos that I am not part of the group, I cannot search.
It has been over 4 years since this basic search limitation has been shared and yet no capability has been deployed.
Is this functionality on the roadmap for the platform?