Cannot find renamed video via search

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I uploaded a video with a certain name to Stream (not to a particular channel). After a week, I renamed the video and I would expect that I will be able to find the video via search field in Stream using the new name but I am not.


May there be some problems with indexing or could you please tell me where the problem might be?


Many thanks in advance!



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Any changes you make to the title/description of a video will be searchable by Stream near instantly. 


It may be that what you are typing in for the search is common enough words that many other videos show up in the results as well, so your video is buried in the search results?


The test I did just now was to edit a video and add some very specific word into the title "TestToFindSpecfic". I then saved the video and searched stream for that specific word. Stream found my video right away. 

Thank you for the testing!


We renamed video called "How to follow a channel" to "5". And now when trying to search for "5" there are no search results displayed.


Is there a possibility that the title of video consisting only from a number could be a problem?


Many thanks for the info!