Cannot add user without admin rights as an owner of Stream

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I wanted to grant Stream admin permission to my colleague. Her account is a normal account without any admin role. But when I try to add her via Stream admin setting, following error message is displayed.


Could someone help me with this, please?


I cannot imagine that Stream owner must be global (or another service) administrator first.


Many thanks in advance!



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Is it possible that the user you are trying to add isn't licensed for Stream? That error message makes it sound like we are doing a license check in that case, and the user isn't licensed for Stream?


Can you ensure your colleague has a Microsoft Stream license assigned to them?

No, it is not possible as the user was testing the Stream service with me (was able to watch and upload videos). I checked her license and it was assigned.


The same error was displayed when I tried to add any of my colleagues as Stream admins. The only colleague I was able to add without problems was the one with the Global Admin permission which is not acceptable for us.


Could you please help me with it?


Many thanks!