Can Users See which videos they have already watched?

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Are users able to see what they have already watch on Stream?

I know there are legal issues surrounding admins having the rights to see who has watched which videos but it's useful for a user to know what they have covered already, especially in the context of training material.

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I think this is something you can get when search for a user in Stream and in the Video tab you get the videos the user has actually watched
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We actually don't have any features around this in Stream. And we don't have any current plans in the roadmap yet. You can add your ideas on this in the ideas forum:


I could see 2 features around this that would be useful. Would be great for you to add these to the idea forum and vote on them.


1. A "watch history" list which shows the videos I personally watched in the past

2. Tracking how far in a video did I personally watch - (something like what Netflix, Hulu, etc does). There could be a bar under the video showing which part I already watched and when I come back to this video it continues from that point in time.