Can't turn off auto scroll while editing transcript of stream

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The auto scroll feature is horrible and I can't find a way to turn it off.  While I'm trying to edit the transcript, the text in the window keeps jumping around and I keep having to relocate the place where I want the edit cursor.  A huge waste of time to do this with almost every edit.  I can read the transcript without a problem, but as soon as I go into edit mode, the software thinks I want to hear the audio and sync the transcript text window center with the playback speed.  I want to be able to move up and down through the transcript at whatever speed I like.  How do I enable that?


Using Version 1.0.2185.8 on a Windows 10 desktop.

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Experiencing this problem also. I did not experience this earlier this summer.

Yes, I came here to say the exact same thing. It is truly frustrating how the scroll of the transcript keeps jumping around as you try to edit/scroll. Please smooth out the way this feature works so the scroll does not jump at all (have it move with fluidity or make a lock/unlock option), or have it not get stuck not naturally scrolling with the video again after hitting the check mark on the upper right.

Yes I am having the same experience which is really slowing down the editing process.

Absolutely agree. It is a very frustrating process. As the first video I uploaded was 21 mins., in duration, I just packed it in after 5pm mins. of very frustrated use of the transcripter. @pKies 


I'm exploring a workaround using Descript and/or but I have a question before I pull the trigger that I hope a fellow user might have some information on. If you upload a bespoke subtitles file, does Microsoft Stream generate a new transcript file that mirrors the uploaded subtitle file? I just want to be sure before I proceed, I don't want to waste too much time. Thanks for reading!

Totally agree. What a terrible waste of time when editing caption. 

Hello @pKies, I apologize for this which is a painful bug we have been aware of on classic Stream.  At this point the team has carefully studied this experience and is building significant improvements for New Stream which you can read more about here - The new Microsoft Stream - Microsoft Stream | Microsoft Docs 

@garrettbronner I am quite literally yelling at my computer! It is taking me WAY longer than it should to edit a short transcript because of the bugs. I can't simply read through the transcript and correct the many errors on the captioning, without the video autoplaying. Then the transcript scroll forces you to view the caption at the time of the video. There are also bugs with saving. I keep getting a message that "all changes are saved," but they are not. This is terribly frustrating. Please help make this product accessible to all learners!