Can't download any of my videos internal service error

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  "error": {
    "code": "InternalServerError",
    "message": "The server encountered an internal error. Please try again later."
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@lellywafesf - If this is still happening please put in a support ticket so we can help investigate.

@lellywafesfI am having exactly the same issue? Have you got it to work?

Same problem, any solution ?

I have the same problem, tried it just now and got the error message. 

Same problem. I need to download or give access to one of our customer. On download I get the exact same error message!


Same problem for me, anyone have a solution?

Same problem, anybody knows what is going on?


Thanks for your patience while we investigate this @JORDI320.  I assume you are an owner of the video (only owners can download the original video).  If you own the video and can you reproduce this, can you please share your session ID? 


You can find session ID by clicking '?' in the top right corner of Stream, and click "About Microsoft Stream" which is at the bottom of the list and will look something like "Client Session ID {0} d572fe97-0821-4e2f-af73-dd8e82a3fe39"

It works again now. For me at least.

Works for me too now! @ragnarstolsmark 

Hello, i'm having the same issue
what shall i do?


The main reason why you did not get answers is probably that we are all users here (and we have no solution), and no one from the Photos team seems to read this. All I can say:
It's not a general issue. Downloading works here as usual.
There is a limit of 500 selected items, but I get a message telling this when I try > 500
Albums having > 500 items can be downloaded (3-dots > Download all)
Downloading smaller batches may help when one item causes the issue
There may be issues with downloading videos. Try with photos/videos separately.

@HoussamKouzayhaI don't think there is anything you can do. I think there is some intermittent issue with the service. This is just speculation but maybe it can be related to overload due to the current coronavirus-situation and its resulting influx in use of Microsoft Teams and related services.

Same issue.

Session id :  {0} 15433296-5d45-42bf-a02f-4e73ab07b152

@Same issue - My Stream id is 3552ab0a-fede-4dbf-8d91-581def770146


Desperate to download this video as we are packaging a final mix for delivery tomorrow! 

I seem to be getting an issue with just some of my videos, but the error message is slightly different:


{"error":{"code":"NotFound","message":"The requested resource was not found."}}

@lellywafesf I'm seeing the same error - can't download video today. Client Session ID {0} 795cda9c-dee0-4fdd-8948-785fccc5d986