Can Stream use Yammer for commenting purposes?

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I can see that you can comment in the stream channel but can you turn on Yammer as the commenting feature?
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Corret. We added the ability to share a video from Stream in Yammer via the Share button. But we do not have the ability to use Yammer like comments along side the video. 


Could you add this as an idea in the idea forum for others to vote on and comment on?

Thanks for being open to that suggestion @Marc Mroz. I liked that in Office 365 Video, I could make a Yammer group the default for a channel and discuss a video inline. 

When we attach a channel as a Teams tab, we can have a discussion about the channel but not the video. 

Will we be able to discuss an individual video from a Stream channel tab in Teams? 

Thanks for the confirm.. will do especially as just turned on social sharing and it now allows staff to comment using Yammer on 0365 Videos ;)

Thanks Mandy for adding the idea to the ideas forum.


If anyone else wants to vote/comment on Mandy's idea to allow Yammer in place of the comments in Stream you can do so here:

Just to add with Yammer commenting you would be able to tag people into the conversation which doesn't appear to be available with current stream commenting. Would also make it easier to share and collaborate in a group easily.