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In our tenant only the admin can upload videos. Nevertheless every new user is prompted to invite colleauges to upload videos. When a user enters the email of another user no invitation email is sent. Since this is quite confusing, it would be very desirable that there is no request for users to invite other users to upload videos if only the admin or only a certain amount of specifid users can actually upload videos. Thank you!

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Thanks @abzee for your message.  In your organization's scenario, can you provide the exact screenshot where users are prompted to invite others to upload?


Currently in Microsoft Stream, you can attempt to invite another user, however if that user already has a Microsoft Stream license, then they will not get an email.  We are looking into improving this.

Hi Amit,

below you find the displayed input box, where users are prompted to invite others to upload. It is written in German, translated it means something like: "Invite other employees to upload videos. Everybody in your company can participate / contribute something". Like I said this is quite confusing, because in a school scenario of course this is definetly not the case and parents or even students themselves could get quite worried when reading this. Thanks a lot for improving this!



Thanks @abzee for the feedback. We will take a look at this and see how we can improve upon the scenario.  So I understand your situation, the issue here is that only your admin has access to upload videos?  

I'm the admin, so no problem here :) The problem is that despite the fact that I'm the only one allowed to upload videos everyone else is prompted to do so as well. There should be a simple way to deactivate this automatic request for new users (see screenshot). Like I said, in a school scenario it is obvious, that not everybody is allowed to upload videos, so these users should not be prompted to invite others to upload videos. Thank You.

@abzee Thanks for the info - so if I am able to summarize, you are looking for an admin setting to disable users from being prompted to invite on the home page.  If this is the case, I kindly request that you submit an idea ticket so that it can be correctly tracked and other users can vote as well.  You can add an idea using https://aka.ms/streamideas 

I just submitted this in streamideas. Plz everybody upvote this idea under:



Thank You!