Browser Crashing

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In the last month we've noticed a change with the Stream player when using IE11 and Windows 7.  The video loads, and crashes the browser after about 15 seconds.  Oddly though the video autoplays, but the 'play' overlay is still on the video (audio has started though).


Anyone else see this issue, or can i get assistance?

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@Dustin Halvorson I'm seeing something similar here.

We've only started using Stream, the first video published is having problems, seemingly only on Win 7/IE11.
I've managed to lay my hands on a test laptop which is doing something very similar to what you describe.

All fine on all browsers on 10. It only seems to work on Firefox on 7.

@Marc Mroz  any other issues being reported like this?

I have noticed that using Forms in Office365 there is a Meta tag that is directing content="IE=edge". I believe it is Microsoft way of fixing IE compatibility issue. @Dustin Halvorson 

@HannahWells What does Forms have to do with this?

@Dustin Halvorson Hi Dustin, we have the same issue on our Tenant. Do you have any news how to fix this?

All I've been told so far by support is that we aren't the only report of this issue, so it looks like there's a larger problem.  If i had to guess, it has something to do with flash.  The plugin on our machine was updated last friday in the last round of security updates, and the problem started around that time.