Azure Stream Analytics Resiliency and Security

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I have just been trying to read through the Azure Stream Analytics (ASA) documentation to understand the limitations of ASA Jobs.  My current project we are using ASA jobs to integrate large volumes of data.  We are also looking at moving into production in the months ahead and I need to understand the capabilities/limitations offered for the following.


Zone Resiliency for ASA Jobs

Network Connectivity for ASA Jobs


In using ASA jobs we are integrating to/from Event Hubs and to Event Hubs / Storage account – can I understand whether this is via the resource public endpoint?  Do ASA Jobs provide a level of redundancy as the system we are deploying is ingesting data continuously?  Do we need to move to Clusters to support redundancy or does the Azure Service Fabric manage this.  I am currently deployed to UK South and need to provide the project with direction how we deliver the resiliency and security when progressing to production.





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