Automatically add Teams meeting recordings to a Stream Channel

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I have a regularly scheduled Teams meeting that we record for compliance. Teams automatically saves the recording into Stream and I manually add the video to a channel we use to collect all of these meetings.


My current workflow is following the end of the meeting to wait to receive the notification email that the recording is available and then I click the link and publish it to the channel.


Is there or could there be a way to automatically publish the recording to a channel?

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Unfortunately, not currently,

There is a very similar uservoice open which asks for all meetings in a specific channel to be saved to the associated Stream channel.

So I would recommend to vote up this idea, or open your own idea here. It is a functionality that makes sense, however this isn’t currently on the roadmap nor was this functionality announced in a raft of new functionality brought out at Ignite a few weeks back. In other words even if it were accepted it will be some time before it was added.

So unfortunately a more painful manual experience until then.

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris