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I am new to Stream (and this Community), but we are looking at deploying Stream to our small Campus where we hold classes.  Is there a way to auto-upload videos to Stream without using Microsoft Teams?  We have several classes and we are wanting to record all of our classes and Microsoft Stream is the perfect place for the recordings.  However, to make it easier on our instructors, this would be best utilized if each recording would be automatically uploaded to Microsoft Stream.


I understand that Teams will auto-upload its recordings, but I'm hoping there's another way to automatically (or as close to automatically as possible) upload the recordings.  For example, a PowerShell script or even a hardware appliance.  Does anyone have any ideas to automate the process of uploading to Stream?

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Hi @KCummings and welcome to the community! Currently there is no public available API you can use to upload a video programmatically. It is on the Stream roadmap for the end of this year 2020.

@Tomislav Karafilov, thank you for the information as that helps!

@KCummings if I got your question right; you want a tool that helps you record your stream and upload it directly after to a website and then it has to be accessed among certain number of users. for that a combination of OBS and youtube live stream under unlisted category would do the job perfectly :)