Are videos automatically deleted from stream if the user who loaded it is deleted?

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I would like to know, if an user has several videos loaded to stream but their user is deleted (because they leave the company for example) will their videos also be automatically deleted from stream?

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From Marc Mroz. back in 2017
‎Nov 07 2017 08:26 AM

We don't automatically delete the videos uploaded in Stream for any reason. After a user is no longer in you organization (or student leaves the school), the video remains in Stream. Basically all videos are "owned" by the tenant. The Stream Admins have admin rights to make changes to any video so they can take appropriate action on videos that don't have owners anymore.

@Scott Tupper Take the original question a step further: An employee is "let go", but they managed to delete all videos they have "owner" rights to in Stream. Let's say the company does not find out until later on. 
(1) - How long will the deleted videos remain in a "trash bin" before permanently deleted?
(2) - Is there a way to search deleted videos to filter by user so you can see all videos deleted by the employee that was let go?