Any customers who can share ADOPTION LESSONS LEARNED?

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I'm wondering if you have lessons learned to share where adoption of Stream didn't go quite as expected and how you fixed it? I have a clear picture on how to manage change and bring adoption to my organization but there are clusters of resistance and I am pressured to simply do the technical migration without adoption efforts. It is a frustrating prospect and I feel sorry for the users who would benefit from understanding the power of Stream from a helping hand instead of figuring it out themselves.


What is your shortlist of things that will go wrong if adoption efforts are not made?

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I can't believe that there are no replies on this yet?
Hi @teamolaf I understand your frustration! If adoption efforts are not considered, there will usually be an influx of tickets or issue resolution requests that could have been avoided. If users don't know what Stream is, then I would start with an awareness session and go from there. If they do, I would propose informing video owners of the changes to come and invite them to a session where they can learn more and ask questions. I hope that helps!