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Hi, I have created a channel, which we use to upload Secure Infrastructure community videos. However, I would like to share the admin rights with my colleagues, so others can upload video's to the channel. Can this be done, and if so how? 


We don't want a group, but a channel where we share these videos. 


Thanks :)

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Currently in Stream if you make a channel that's not in a group, it's a "companywide" channel. These channels are always open for anyone to add videos into. 


If you want to lock down who can add videos into a channel it needs to be a channel inside of a group.


See this article for more info on groups and channels:


In the next couple of quarters or so, we are looking to change around how this works in Stream. We are going to most likely remove companywide channels and replace them with a concept of "Stream only" groups. This new group type in Stream won't be tied to O365 Groups, they'll just be in Stream. After we do this work all channels will be inside of a Group (either O365 group or Stream only group), and as such you'll be able to ensure permissions/control over those channels at the group level.

Any news on the "Stream only" groups?

The permissions in Stream are a huge problem for us. We are an organization of 65,000 people. We need to be able to restrict upload access to specific channels, even public ones. We don't want someone with access to upload in the HR channel to also be able to upload in the Finance channel and so on. We restricted access and only have about 25 people in the company with upload access. However, we discovered today that in a group channel, the owners/admins of the O365 group don't inherently get upload access in the group channel in Stream. This means we have to add them to our list of unrestricted users, which then means they have access to upload to all channels in Stream. This is not how this should work, especially for "private" group channels. Permissions should be at the channel level and only admins should be able to upload to all channels. It's unrealistic to think we can "trust everyone in the organization" to follow the rules and guidelines. This is impossible to police at a company of our size. We are in the process of migrating to Stream but now our security and content management teams are having doubts due to this problem.

@Marc Mroz  - 2.5 years later from your post: 
"In the next couple of quarters or so, we are looking to change around how this works in Stream."


I know Stream is not on the front lines of heavily used Microsoft 365 solutions but it is quite silly that there's STILL no way to have a channel that is not associated to an Office 365 group that you can manage owners. Creating a Stream group is so deceiving as there's no indication that's creating a new O365 group as well. I don't need a SharePoint site, group email, group calendar and an option for a Teams team... I only need a channel that I can give a select few the rights to be owners of that channel. The only way to give them rights is to manually share/grant in EACH video unless I create an Office 365 group for them where they will NEVER use any part of it. 


In my case I'll probably create a completely unnecessary O365 group simply because there's no other option. 

@Jer Harwoodthey announced at ignite last week that stream will be changing and videos will be stored in onedrive and sharepoint. this will help with permissions and access. here's a link to the video/session:



@Kate Bowling - I did see that as well, which is a long-awaited welcome to Stream being completely different to manage from almost all other Microsoft 365 solutions.