Adding Chapters to Videos

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Dear Community,


I was wondering if it is possible to add chapters to videos upload to MS Stream. I could not find anything here.

This would be very handy for e.g. training videos, so that one can quickly access different topics.

Is this existing or considered to be implemented in the future?


Thank you


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@Arne Druenkler   What we do is add timestamps and section titles in the video description. It's not ideal, but it's better than nothing for longer videos. The times become clickable and jump to that spot in the video. Attached a screenshot.

Hi @Kate Bowling 


thanks a lot this looks very good and for sure helps me out a lot. How exactly do you get the timestamp link?

@Arne DruenklerYou just type the time and it automatically creates the link.

Thanks @Kate Bowling, sometimes things are so easy ;) 


Thank you for the tip @Kate Bowling !


@Arne Druenkler Thanks for posting this.  My team would like to see a chapters feature implemented as well for our long form training videos. The workarounds as described in this thread help somewhat - but the timestamp functionality available on MS Stream is not carried over when creating an HTML embed. With thanks the experts who know how to make this happen for us all.