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Hello @Marc Mroz,

How about"" should this also be added as trusted site? 

I am on IE 11 (version  - 11.0.96) and get Access Denied message. The Same stream URL works good on Chrome/Firefox but not in IE 11.  It it was an issue with permission on video file - it should have not worked in chrome/Firefox.  Its an IE 11 experience only.


Error on page shows is as below: 


Access Denied

You don't have permission to access "" on this server.

Reference #18.1d5b655f.1542984257.398ccc12



(Apart from vast endpoint document), If you can create a document which lists all the required IE settings needed for Stream video will be helpful for many corporate's - where IE is the default browser. 

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@Sachin RANKA - This error you are hitting is a new issue that was introduce around Wed and we are working on a deployment to fix this issue.


You only hit this issue if you click a link to Stream and you aren't logged in to Stream yet. Once you are logged into Stream you won't hit this issue.


We changed up our login flow slightly to take the Stream marketing page out of the flow but in a recent hot fix that change got reverted and ended up with this broken flow you are seeing now. We are putting back that code now as we speak and seeing if there is something quicker we can do as a temporary fix, before the code change hits later this week. 

Thanks for the reply, and trying temporary fix. We had just done a soft launch of Stream in company on that Thursday, so this came back as a bouncer :)
And yes was able to reproduce this behavior not only in IE but also in Chrome - i.e. by not signing into Office 365 at all - the same access denied message appears irrespective of browser type.

Just an update...

We were able to get the temporary fix in place this morning so you shouldn't have any dead ends anymore. Try it today and let us know.


Later this week or early next week the permeant solution will be back in place where we won't go through the marketing page for logins anymore, so direct links to will go directly to the page if you aren't logged in.

Indeed its working , gets now redirected to sign in page. 

we were just trying it out :) 

Thanks to Stream team at Microsoft for the quick fix.

I would have appreciated a message about this in the MS Message center on Monday, not as a reply to a Forum issue. We've been investigating this problem internally since last week Friday.

Hi @Marc Mroz - has this issue been resolved?

Yes this issue is fully resolved now. Sorry for the issue.


Unfortunately Stream is not connected to the Office 365 Service Health Dashboard. We have a project around that tentatively slated for Q1 2019. In the meantime we put together this process to help notify you of wider affecting issues like this one.


Process is documented here:

Specific service updates will be posted here now: