Ability to Download video?

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If Video channel is moving to Stream, will there be an option for Viewers to download the videos?

Video Channel has that option.  I do not see it in Stream..

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It's not available but it's a popular product feedback idea - Add a download button and offline viewing was also mentioned during Ignite as one one of the top asks, so this may well be an upcoming feature.

I'm not sure but you can use Tubemate to download that video.

The person who uploaded the video and any other users/groups that are marked as "Owners" of the video can download the original video. We do not have a way in Stream to allow viewers of the video to be able to download the original video file, they can only play it.


Feel free to add your votes and comments to this item in the idea forum:


Hi@Michelle Palmieri in the streams you will get download only when you have owner permission of that video.

only owner(i.e who recorded the video) can able to edit/download/delete the video .

once owner to provided owner permission to user he can download it.

So you are saying for a meeting with a large audience, then only way to allow them to review the meeting in their own time without internet access is to make them all owners and hope than none of the delete or damage the video?

@AndyGadget et al - please see the following thread in Stream Ideas to track progress on this, for which the solution is now being worked on. 

https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/microsoft-stream-ideas/allow-download-of-videos-for-non-owner... to trac