AADSTS90102 - 'redirect_uri' value must be a valid absolute Uri.

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We are getting this error message when Users load our Sharepoint based Intranet site which contains a Yammer Feed webpart. The Users experiencing this issue are all members of a group to which someone posted a Stream video. The URL for the page contains "client_id=cf53fce8-def6-4aeb-8d30-b158e7b1cf83&redirect_uri=undefined"  The id cf53fce8-def6-4aeb-8d30-b158e7b1cf83 in Azure shows the source of this issue as being "Microsoft Stream Portal".  Can anyone tell me where redirect_uri is defined and what it should be set to to avoid this issue?

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@Jack Pottinger I am getting this same error when adding a Stream embed on a SharePoint 2013 page.  This error only shows in IE 11 and not in Chrome.

@Chris Schuh We found the source of our issue was Our sharepoint site was setting document mode to IE10 for compatibility reasons.  We couldn't change this because that would have broken other functionality with the site.  Shortly afterwards the Error message was made "less prominent".  So the individual videos in embeded yammer feed still aren't able to play but at least the rest of the site loads.

@Jack Pottinger  - Can you try again on IE11 with the IE10 document mode set? We made some changes reccently in the last several weeks to work around this and allow Stream embed to still work on IE10 document mode. I'm hoping this is working for you now.

@Marc Mroz Yes this issue stopped occurring / became less prominent around this time. I think instead of the error taking up the entire page it became limited to the embedded component of the page.