New Stream Features - April 2018
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We continue to build out some amazing capabilities in Microsoft Stream. Here is a quick summary of some notable updates already available or coming very soon.

  • Tier-C compliance – Stream is now certified to be a Tier-C compliant service in the Office 365 compliance framework. This includes certifications for compliance standards like SOC 1, SOC 2, ISO 27001, HIPAA, and EU Model Clauses.
  • Spotlight videos on Home page – This enables admins to highlight (or spotlight) videos on Stream to raise visibility on those and bring them to employees. (Ability for group owners to spotlight videos to their group coming soon).
  • Cloud recording for meetings in Microsoft Teams (coming soon) – Stream enables recording of meetings in Teams and making those available for consumption after the meeting.
  • More seamless SSO with Teams  – Stream now supports seamless SSO for Stream videos and channel embedded in Teams when using the Teams desktop client.
  • Edit transcripts and people timelines – Customer can edit automatically generated transcripts and curate face timelines. (E5 or Stream Plan 2 licenses only)
  • Splitting who can create channels and who can upload videos – Admins can now specify a different set of people who can upload videos to Stream from those that can create company wide channels.

Splitting who can create channels and who can upload videos

Before, we only had one setting that controlled who could upload videos and who could create companywide channels. This setting is now split to two different settings, allowing Stream admins to restrict these actions independently of each other.





Spotlight videos

Spotlighting capability in Stream enables admins to highlight certain videos on the home page for Stream. These videos are featured on the home page and get the broadest reach. In addition, group owners in Stream can do the same on their Stream Group home page (coming soon). All employees using Stream and having access to these videos will see them featured prominently on the home page or the group home page.









Edit transcripts and curate People timeline

Microsoft Stream generates automatic transcripts for videos using AI technology to convert speech to text. The AI generated transcripts can now be easily edited for any errors with a simple, inline editing experience built into Microsoft Stream UI (E5 or Stream Plan 2 licenses).




In addition, Microsoft Stream automatically detects people that appear in a video and builds a timeline view of where they appeared to give the viewer the ability to jump to specific points where each person is shown. Now owners of the video can curate these timelines by hiding extra people not core to the video or merging two timelines into one with a built-in inline editor.





Cloud recording for meetings in Microsoft Teams

Earlier this month, Microsoft announced cloud recording for meetings in Microsoft Teams. The new feature rolling out soon, leverages the Microsoft Stream integration to enable automatic speech to text transcripts for recorded meetings and the ability to search for specific words that were said during the meeting. After the meeting, the recording is automatically available in Microsoft Stream and meeting attendees are able to view the video within the conversation timeline inside Microsoft Teams or on Microsoft Stream.






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