APIs to get data on video consumption


Stream looks very powerful and we're trying it out. What APIs are, or will be, available for us to get insights about video views, downlods etc.

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We don't have APIs at this time, sorry. We have API suppor toward the top of our list. When we start on APIs we can take into account the desire to get stats/insights (when we add those features) as well.


To help us with that project when we pick up that work could you do the following?

  1. Give us more specifics on what you are looking for from the APIs
  2. Give us examples of what you want to be able to build/accomlish with APIs.

- Function: Scenario 

- Trigger signal on completion: To notify an LMS that a training video was completed.

- It's already there! Add Cue Point (name-time pairs): Open a video at a particular position, e.g.: 


- The ability to add an endtime as well: To play a Video (or segment) and then present a Survey or Quiz on that segment.



We would like to build a web app which can be used to add threaded annotations to video's using timestamps.


Our students often have to create video's as assignments. These video's need to be reviewed and commented by teachers and other students.


We would be interested in an API allowing us to pause, quickly jump back and forward and read out the timestamp.