Announcing a Microsoft Stream AMA


We are very excited to announce an upcoming opportunity to 'Ask Microsoft Anything' (AMA) about Microsoft Stream! The AMA will take place on Thursday, June 29, 2017 from 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM Pacific Time in the Microsoft Stream AMA space.




Add it to your calender here.

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It would be much more interesting if it was any kind of youtube rival. This is somehow... Pointless.


Stream is intended to be used within your organization/company to secure your companies videos and content so you don't have to put videos on an external plaftform without permissions/access controls.


Looking forward for this AMA session..


Can you explain why there has been zero feedback since March 12, 2016 on the Office 365 video user feedback forum regarding external sharing (the single highest requested feature)?

Please go and make a  comment or say something. Anticipation is powerful tool to get people to use your products.


It is great Stream is replacing Office365 video but all your hard work and effort goes unnoticed when you treat people like they do not exist which is what happens after 15 months of ignored comments. People appreciate the scale at which you work, just tell them they are being heard. Make no promises and don't lie/ignore people and you watch the difference. 


Regarding External Sharing can you extrapolate on whether the following is happening or not?

The ability to

a. share a video in Stream to another domain like my company website (preferably approved domains only, currently possible in Office 365 video)?

b. share a video in Stream to anonymous users (closer to a YouTube like experience)

c. create playlists and control the order the video are played back?




Is North Korea running Microsoft's enterpise services division?


Why does Microsoft seem to think organizations don't ever want to collaborate with users outside of their organization?


Planner, Teams, Stream, etc. (Skype for Business up until pretty recently)


I'm surprised our O365 email allows us to email users outside our organization.


Microsoft, we need to collaborate with people outside of our company. it's not true collaboration is we can't colaborate with whomever we need to colaborate with. And make it easy to collaborate.


How do you expect to come late to the table with your survices, be extremely limited in functionality, and expect to disrupt the people doing it right? i.e. Trello, Slack, LiveStream.

Can I share videos with external users?

Sorry, we don't have support for external guests or public anonymous users in Stream right now.


You can vote on and add your comments to these feature requests as follows:


My scenario is that not all users in my organization have licenses and we do not have the interest they have, but we want to share videos with them.
Do external user need a license?

How do I track which users have finished viewing a video that I uploaded to Microsoft Stream?


Hi Marc,

Have you had an opportunity to read my post above? Office 365 video which is going to become Microsoft Stream already has External Guest Access as its number one request by a large factor compared to other requests (see here)

Is there an expecation that the 2533 people who voted for this feature need to go to the links you provided and essentially "do it again"? Is there no way for you to migrate the data results of say the top 5 requests only instead of forcing everyone to start from the beginning as if to say the past two years  of comments and requests mean nothing? By ignoring/not replying to/not recognizing those requests indirectly that is the message that everyone will get.



@Robert Whittaker - Sorry missed answering you here.


External Guest Access for O365 Video 

We have done the work for this in O365 Video. However I need to do the last mile verification that the entire scenario works end to end, if there is no problems then we can enable it production. I plan to do this last mile verification very soon. This will allow you to use the SharePoint Online guest sharing capability on an O365 Video channel. It will be a bit clunky as you'll have to enable guest access on the channel via powershell. I apologize that we haven't gotten this feature out sooner, with Stream and convergence it's been a challenge.


Public Anonymous Links / Embeds

The above guest access for O365 Video will not be pure public anonymous. For that feature we have it on the list for Stream but not O365 Video. 


What about the O365 Video UV Votes?

We will eventually be reconcilling the O365 Video User Voice forum with the Stream ideas forum here. I don't know yet if it is techincally possible for us to inflate the votes on the stream ideas to account for votes that happend on O365 Video forum or not. But in theory we do want the previous votes from O365 Video to count toward what we work on next in Stream.


(If you upvote stuff in the Stream ideas forum and you already voted on it O365 Video you may magically get double votes if we do indeed add the votes together. :) )


Hi Mark,


Many thanks for the prompt reply, it is appreciated!


@David Galvan wrote:

How do I track which users have finished viewing a video that I uploaded to Microsoft Stream?

We don't have this feature in Stream yet. Sorry. You can vote on it in the ideas forum. 


@Stephan Fruehwirth wrote:
Do external user need a license?

We don't have external guest or public anonymous access for Stream at this point in time. Would be great if you added your comments/votes on the ideas forum.


"It will be a bit clunky as you'll have to enable guest access on the channel via powershell."th.jpg


 Can you also please make sure that they must use a powershell script to log into the service via yahoo that then connects to, then beams a request the huble telescope, that sends a Skype message to Kim Jong-Un requesting a quickening from Apple support via IRC?


This sounds like the best path of least resistance to me.

I'll add this ideia.

Why you don't use UserVoice?
Suphatra is doing a excelent job with UV.