Bring the new Yammer styling and capabilities to your modern intranet. At Microsoft Ignite 2019, we announced that the Yammer Conversations web part for SharePoint Online would be updated with the new Yammer experience. Now, we are excited to announce that it is generally available, meaning that you get all the new Yammer experiences on your SharePoint pages, news articles, and SharePoint sites.


Add the power of community to your sites

The updated Yammer Conversations web parts integrates conversations from any Yammer community, topic, user, or home feed, so you can stay connected to the discussions happening across your organization and add social conversations while still in SharePoint. Starting today, it automatically replace the previous Yammer conversations web part without any action needed from site admins.


What’s New

  • The new Yammer look including rich previews for media and visual treatment for questions, praise, and polls.
  • The Yammer publisher with functionality like  
    • creation of any type of Yammer post directly from SharePoint – questions, polls, praise, etc. ​ 
    • upload of images and files into new conversations and replies directly from SharePoint.​ 
    • usage of rich text on messages created from SharePoint Online.​ Yammer publisher.png

  • Yammer management actions such as Close Conversation, Mark Best Answer to a Question​, and Pin a conversation, etc. 
    Yammer Management Actions.png

  • An improved more relevant Home feed including the ability to start a conversation in any community when configured to this mode. 
  • Customize it to view from 2 conversations to 12 conversations. 


How to get the new web part

Sites that are already using the Yammer Conversations web part will be updated with the new experience. To add Yammer Conversations to new sites, just visit the web part gallery and select Yammer Conversations and Get Started. Then, you can filter your Community, User, Topic, or Home, and search for your source. Customize the number of conversations to display and select Republish to see and engage with your new Yammer Conversations web part. 


Whether you are looking to bring engaging conversations between employees and leaders to your Leadership sites, or allow employees to ask and resolve questions with key services on Employee Service Sites like IT, HR, Travelor other Community Sitesthe updated web part experience enables you to bring rich, social conversations to all of your SharePoint intranet. 

Add Yammer community discussions to your leadership page.Add Yammer community discussions to your leadership page.

Share news and announcements directly from the web part.Share news and announcements directly from the web part.

Leverage Yammer communities to share knowledge and best practices alongside helpful resources.Leverage Yammer communities to share knowledge and best practices alongside helpful resources.

Yammer Everywhere

We’re continuing to build solutions that integrate Yammer communities and conversations into the apps that you use every day. Check out our latest Outlook integration and our Communities app for Microsoft Teams and stay tuned into our public roadmap and blog.  


This looks awesome! One big request (and I'll look for it and/or add it in User Voice) that may seem strange- can you go down to "1" for # of conversations to display? We have something we want to display weekly, just one item, using a topic. Right now, we can only narrow to two recent posts for that topic, not just the latest ONE post. It's great to have options of 2, 4, 8 or 12, but 1 would be highly desirable for us!!

Occasional Contributor

This would be amazing @Ayesha_Mascarenhas ... if we actually had the new fluent Yammer... :) Although super nice, we are finding most Yammer interactions actually happen... well, in Yammer. :happyface: Also, really wish that the default Yammer Group SharePoint site was a Communication Template, more closely related to "Working out Loud". 

Regular Visitor

Thanks for the update, @Ayesha_Mascarenhas ! Question: will these changes apply to the embed-code version of Yammer as well as the Yammer webpart?

Occasional Visitor

@TSchnaible it doesn't apply to the embed version today. There is an item on the roadmap for later in the year for "Embed feed" to be updated with new look and functionality. The Yammer Conversations v2 is so well built and interactive maybe it could be the driver to switch to Modern SharePoint.

Regular Visitor

Thanks, @RichardAcreman-Chicago - we plan to replace the page it's on with a Modern one soon, but we're a minute away from wrapping up our 2013-to-online migration and trying to replace a newsfeed webpart (will have to wait a spell) on a classic homepage.  Ah well :)


One of our large clients is experiencing issues using the Yammer Conversations web part with Internet Explorer 11 users. It throws an "out of stack space" error and clears all of the content from the page. We can't reproduce the same behaviour in our tenant. Is this a known issue? I know IE 11 with Microsoft 365 is on the way out, but there is still another 12 months of support.