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First published on TECHNET on Feb 19, 2018
This post is a contribution from Vitaly Lyamin, an engineer with the SharePoint Developer Support team

The “App Catalog” requires a corresponding language patch to be installed to work correctly. We’ve seen a number of cases where deployed apps don’t show up in in the “Apps From Your Organization” page (addanapp.aspx). One of the causes we found was that either the language patch is not installed or the language dependent update is not installed.


No apps show up when attempting to add an app “From Your Organization” even though there are apps deployed though the app catalog. Sometimes it’s easy to spot the issue where the library view field names are not resolved (like below), other times there’s no indication other than apps not showing up.

App Catalog Library All Items View Fields

    • Notice resource strings instead of columns names below

Install language dependent update or corresponding language patch



    • Run PSConfig


    • Recreate AppCatalog (this is sometimes not required)


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