New resource center page to help plan for governance to transform teamwork with Microsoft 365

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Your move to the cloud offers transformative experiences with built-in admin controls.


Microsoft 365 is designed to be a universal toolkit for teamwork – to give you the right tools for the right task, along with common services to help you seamlessly work across applications. And with good governance, you can transform teamwork inside your organization with confidence – without compromise.


To learn more and act, we invite you to visit and share the NEW "Plan for governance to transform teamwork with Microsoft 365" resource center page [].


This new resource center page contains:


  • An overview for business and IT
  • Customer highlights - GE plus four other relevant case studies
  • Helpful 'how to' guidance (14 helpful resources across overview, Office 365 Groups, Microsoft Teams and SharePoint)
  • plus, recent and relevant blogs and videos


Keeping it all connected and secure is key to a consistent experience. Microsoft 365 teamwork is built on an intelligent fabric that provides a seamless connection between people and relevant content. And we at Microsoft aim to provide tools and technology to configure and attain programmatic governance across all teamwork apps and information.


This aggregated set of materials are a starting point to help you learn about teamwork-level governance when using Office 365 and how you can begin to take advantage of it.


Full-page screenshot of what the new "Plan for governance to transform teamwork with Microsoft 365" page looks like; screenshot of what the new "Plan for governance to transform teamwork with Microsoft 365" page looks like;

We are open to content suggestions to make this new resource center page even more helpful and clear. Let us know below in comments below or via Twitter: @SharePoint.



Mark (@mkashman) Kashman

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@Mark Kashmanthanks for combining this content into one location and starting the integration of governance ideas across Groups, SharePoint and Teams. To make it even better and more comprehensive, this should be expanded to include governance across all of the apps/services in O365. The  text at the top of the page lists many services, but the links at the bottom of the page don't include anything for Planner, PowerBI, Stream, Outlook etc. If you can get this governance resource page to include links to all of the resources for everything in O365 it would be fantastic.

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Many thx @Mark Kashman  for this awesome content hub :) very nice idea to agregate governance about Groups, SPO, Teams in one place :)

Occasional Contributor

Thx @Mark Kashman thank for this great summary, that's exactly what I was looking for Smiley Happy. @Karuana Gatimu this could be a great topic for the next Office 365 Champions Community call. Governance is one of the most discussed topics in our projects.


Regards Philipp

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