Microsoft 365 migration on your terms with new improvements to the SharePoint Migration Tool

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We’re excited to announce new improvements to the SharePoint Migration Tool for the month of February.


Designed to be used for migrations ranging from the smallest set of files to a large scale enterprise migration, the SharePoint Migration Tool will let you bring your information to the cloud and take advantage of the latest collaboration, intelligence, and security solutions with Office 365.


Over the past several months we’ve been continually working to add features to the SharePoint Migration Tool to help you accelerate your journey to Microsoft 365, from support for full site migrations, to incremental improvements to the user experience – the SharePoint Migration Tool is designed to support migrations of all sizes. This month we’re adding some exciting new improvements to help you on your journey to the cloud.


Improvements this month include:


Managed Metadata Service support

If you have an existing taxonomy in SharePoint Server 2013, the SharePoint Migration Tool can now migrate your content types and term stores to Office 365. Global term store migration requires global tenant admin permissions.


Web Parts Support, Site Navigation, and more…

The SharePoint Migration Tool has continuously improved to support more complex migration requirements. From a humble beginning of accelerating files migration to incremental improvements leading up to complete SharePoint 2013 site migrations. Now using the SharePoint Migration Tool you can migrate just about every element of SharePoint sites that you care most about including Web Parts, Pages, and site navigation!


For a detailed list of improvements in this release, refer to the release notes at


If you’re new to the SharePoint Migration Tool, keep reading below to learn more about how you can transform your business by bringing it to the cloud.


About the SharePoint Migration Tool

The SharePoint Migration Tool is designed to simplify your journey to the cloud through a free, simple, and fast solution to migrate content from on-premises SharePoint sites and file shares to SharePoint or OneDrive in Office 365.  The SharePoint Migration Tool allows you to accelerate your journey to Office 365 overcoming obstacles typically associated with migration projects.  With the SharePoint Migration Tool you can evaluate and address the information that matters the most to your organization, the Libraries, and now Lists that form the foundation of the SharePoint experience.  Using the SharePoint Migration Tool you can start your migration today and take advantage of the full suite of features and security capabilities that Office 365 offers.


Keep reading to learn more about the SharePoint Migration Tool or download the latest version now at


Getting Started

You can download the SharePoint Migration Tool at  Through v3 of the SharePoint Migration Tool you’ll have available to you the innovation we’re delivering to help you bring your information to the cloud and take advantage of the latest collaboration, intelligence, and security solutions with Office 365.


What’s next…

Through continued innovation across migration scenarios we’ll be adding more capabilities over time to the SharePoint Migration Tool, including support for more SharePoint versions, site structure migrations, and more.  Subscribe here to stay up to date on future announcements for SharePoint and Office 365.


Wrapping Up…

Whether you’re looking to migrate from file shares on-premises to SharePoint or OneDrive or from on-premises versions of SharePoint, the SharePoint Migration Tool is designed to support the smallest of migrations to large scale migrations with support for bulk scenarios.


Learn more about migrating to Office 365 at

Learn more about the SharePoint Migration Tool at

Prepare your environment for migration using the SharePoint Migration Assessment Tool by learning more at

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Will this tool allow us to move content from one SharePoint Online site collection to another in the future? We currently use the MoveTo/CopyTo features to move files to a new site, but it would be great if this Migration tool could move entire sites to a new site collection. In fact, I'd be happy if we had an "easy" way to promote a sub site to its own site collection.

Is there any ability to migrate more than the migration tool's cap of 1024 folders per session? How would we queue up multiple sessions automatically. For businesses migrating from on premises file servers to SharePoint Online.

New Contributor

Being able to move files from one O365/SPO tenant to another O365/SPO tenant without losing Metadata would be useful. 

Occasional Contributor

No way to use SPMT for migration of SP 2010 to SPO?

Senior Member

Any support for migration from SP 2010 in future or database connection migration? Possibility of backing up SP online sites and support for workflows? This tools had really improved over time, from a basic files migration to advance migration that now support managed metadata, web parts, etc.

Regular Contributor
I would like to know why the SharePoint Migration toll is not triggering the event receiver to assign the Document ID? @BillBaer
New Contributor

Anything coming done the pipe helping moving SP sites content to Microsoft Teams?  

Understood SP and Teams are different apps but would be nice if content could be moved in ease. Lots of folks will use Teams over SP based on use cases. Thanks.. 

Occasional Contributor

Maybe a suggestion for user voice. It would be !FANTASTIC! if this tool could include a link to kick out the powershell for one time or incremental runs of the migration configured in the UI. Thanks for all the hard work! This is really coming along!

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