Using @ symbol in logic app with dynamic content


When a alert query uses the AccountcustomEntity mapping, when the case is created the users UPN is broken up into Account Name and UPN suffix, which can be obtained from the case with a logic app step to be used as dynamic content.


The code to use UPN suffix as a dynamic step is @{items('For_each')?['UPNSuffix']}.  When I try to generate an email that includes in the body (Account Name)@(UPN suffic), the @ symbol that precedes @{items('For_each')?['UPNSuffix']} causes problems.


Has anyone else run into this?





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@andrew_bryant: Hi Andrew, thank you for taking your time to post. 


Hi @Ofer_Shezaf: Is this something you can speak to? 

@Chris Boehm 

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I would recommend that you either initialize a variable at the start, then set that variable, or perhaps use a function concat

@andrew_bryant could you please share the concatenated string. Can't figure out.

IF you are trying to use a hardcoded @, have you tried escaping it by prepending ' ?